Carla Schmitt DJ Techno Française / Bordeaux
Carla Schmitt DJ Techno Française / Bordeaux

CARLA SCHMITT is one of the most promising and innovative French multidisciplinary artists in the techno scene at the moment.

As a member of EXHALE Records, she quickly established herself and stamped her vision on the industry. Obscure, haunting, melodic, dynamic, groovy, energetic, and sensual, she has created her own universe and stood out by offering immersive sound and visual projects.

In 2021, she released her debut EP "My Fears" on KR Records, accompanied by a homonymous video combining acting and dance. This EP marks a convincing start in music production for CARLA SCHMITT, who collaborated with Felicie and Charlie Sparks for the remixes.

In 2022, CARLA SCHMITT released her second EP "Blank Page" on Dusk Records with remixes from artists Lee Ann Roberts and MRD. It's a new turning point for the artist, reaffirming herself as a producer and showcasing more than ever her willingness to share the passion that drives her.

In 2023, CARLA SCHMITT continued to make her mark on her artistic journey with memorable performances. She shared the stage with renowned artists such as Basswell, Under Black Helmet, Boston 168, Cera Khin, Dyen, Tham, Sam Paganini, and Arnaud Rebotini.
These collaborations illustrate the diversity of her influence and her ability to adapt to different styles within the music scene.
These encounters have contributed to enriching her artistic repertoire while solidifying her position as a versatile and essential artist in the techno universe.