MIKHA DJ Techno Pays Basque / Resonance
MIKHA DJ Techno Pays Basque / Resonance

It was in the realm of electronic rock that MIKHA's first musical influences took root.
Later, he was captivated by the electronic worlds of Paul K, Gesaffelstein, and Mr Oizo, inspiring him to embark on his own journey as an artist.

Surrounded by musicians from an early age and eager to share his passion behind the turntables, he started DJing at the age of 17. It was in the underground, Berlin-inspired, and French touch music scene that Mikha's musical journey began.

His ambition, perseverance, and desire to grow as an artist led him to continue his musical exploration in the capital and its surroundings. In this frenetic atmosphere, two passionate souls, drawn to the techno universe, came together to create the diod musique collective. The rough techno of Nina Kraviz, the techno bass music of Randomer, and the dark and mystical acid house of Recondite became influential in the collective's sharp selection.

A few years later, MIKHA decided to continue his musical journey in the Basque Country. This is when the live resonance project came to life. Driven by a passion for darker, melodic, and timeless techno, he allows himself to be carried by new electronic influences that are uniquely his own.

MIKHA will take you on a journey through precise sets and a selection encompassing Dark Disco, Indie Dance, Experimental, Dark Wave, and Synth Pop.