OYO DJ Techno Pays Basque / Resonnance
OYO DJ Techno Pays Basque / Resonnance

OYO, a DJ artist making waves on the Basque Coast scene, offers a unique musical experience, skillfully exploring the boundaries between techno and trance genres.

His musical selection, ranging from deep to hard, incorporating elements of groove, acid, and ghetto, creates a dynamic ensemble that he describes as "Open Raving."

He characterizes his style as a true journey through richly colored atmospheres, punctuated by captivating rhythms and diverse sounds.

OYO draws inspiration primarily from Europe while remaining open to influences from around the world.
It's here that he discovers old-school musical influences and unearths the latest hidden gems that promise to light up the dance floor.

His musical exploration transcends geographical borders, creating an eclectic blend of sounds, perfectly orchestrated to immerse his audience in an unforgettable sonic experience.