SHRED 2000 DJ Techno Pays Basque / Resonance
SHRED 2000 DJ Techno Pays Basque / Resonance

SHRED 2000, a talented artist working as a DJ and producer, also stands out as the co-founder of the Resonance collective.

His music, deeply influenced by the old-school and industrial techno scene, proves to be a fascinating blend of iconic Rave from the 90s/2000s to the present day.
SHRED 2000 manages to capture the very essence of these musical eras, providing his audience with a rich and captivating sonic experience.

What particularly distinguishes SHRED 2000 is his commitment to perfection in the meticulous choice of kicks and bassline. These carefully selected musical elements add a layer of artistic power, ensuring total immersion in his musical universe, where groove becomes a timeless experience.

SHRED 2000 embodies the essence of a versatile and visionary artist, capable of transcending eras while remaining true to his musical roots, to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience.